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3iG K was born on 21 March 1997 and is known to be a major artist since 1 January 2012 after releasing 13 songs on that day. 3iG K's real name is Kyle Tweedie and was born in South Africa.

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How it all startedEdit

Kyle Tweedie started his music career because of his emotional stress and sadness. He was bullied at school and felt very alone in the world. He later on decided to find something that makes him happy which ended being music in 2010 he started planning for great things and by 2011 he was a singer/rapper but eventually got bored and decided to take it to a new level he engaged in DJing and Producing at the end of 2011 and changed his original name Big K to 3iG K. On 1 January 2012 he released 13 songs in a album known as (Big City Big Dreams). Kyle said he planned it to be a Vocal collaboration album but later on decided that he does not want to take on that yet. He also left 3 bands in order to get a new start in music and later joined Shadow City, N3RD PARTY and another unknown band. By October 2012 he left all the bands again and said "Bands are great when your with some buddies and shit but it becomes very hard and time consuming. I'll be keeping to myself I think for the next year or so but I'll do some collaborations in the mean time."


2012=(Big City Big Dreams)Edit

How he DJ's and ProducesEdit

3iG K uses FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reason 5 and Traktor Pro 2. His hardware is simple but great. Denon MC3000 and nice speakers is the only things he really uses.

FML Tour FInally Here!Edit

On December 6th 2012, 3iG K Opened is FML Tour 2012 and opened with a song called Fucking Pig with added visuals in the background and this link     

3iG K says "This is what you fucking get when you disrespect my mother and other girls. A low life peice of shit honestly take a look at the link i think the guy is in his fucking 20's-30's but he acts like a fucking unborn bitch. He threatend to kill me him and his fuck ass friend. I have said this many times this year if you fucking threaten me or dis my mother or a girl i will fucking open fire on you!! I made that song just for him he tells me he is fucking my mother!!! Well guess what asshole ill ruin your fucking life.... I want to say that if one of my fans were like him could they please fuck off and dont even bother been one of my fans."

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Latest activityEdit

  • DJ at a club in Brooklyn
  • Work With Blane on Getting 2 new members for ShadowCity